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1. Talent concept

   Meritocratic, best.

   Talent is the soul of the enterprise, the company regards talents as the greatest wealth, and always regards talents as the foundation of enterprise development, competition and development.

   The company provides a broad stage for employees to display their talents and a vast space to display their talents, so as to find talents, train talents, respect talents and develop talents.

   And then focus on the introduction of talent training, supporting a full range of technical and professional training, enhance the level of employees in the work of the actual operation ability, people-oriented, merit, talent.

   We have a young, highly educated staff, a harmonious and diligent work atmosphere, and a team spirit of common development.

   We believe that: Jiangsu Xiangying new energy Co. Ltd. is an ideal platform for all kinds of talents to display their ambition to have both ability and political integrity.

2. Compensation and benefits


   The company provides competitive compensation in the industry and maintains external, internal and personal equity through effective compensation management.

   Value, ability and contribution to the company mainly according to the staff of three factors determine employee compensation, to achieve the "best people into the property".


   To pay social insurance for employees according to relevant government regulations, including pension, medical treatment, industrial injury, unemployment, maternity insurance and housing accumulation fund, etc..

   The company regularly organizes employees to participate in various activities (mountain climbing, outing, tea, dinner, etc.).

   The company offers working lunches free of charge to employees.

3. The career

   The development of occupation channel company provides two-way choice for employees, employees can according to ability, interest and occupation planning, management potential and ability of employees to take the management of line channel occupation, to precipitate in a professional (R & D, production, sales, quality, market etc.), painstaking research, become experts in the field the staff of professional occupation line channel. Double ladder career development channel provides a broad space and platform for employees in the company's career development.

4. communication channels.

    The company advocates "communication barrier free" communication culture, provides diversified communication channels (communication, conference, report, interview, internal e-mail), and gives management advice and suggestions in various aspects.

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