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     Jiangsu Xiangying adhere to professional focus, innovative, dedicated service, customer satisfaction with the quality, always make sure that the various factors affecting the quality of the products in the whole process of product life cycle, always under control; adhere to the comprehensive quality of the implementation of the whole process, full participation in the management, the company has the ability to continue to provide compliance with quality standards and customer satisfaction the product.

     The company has established, operated and maintained the advanced quality management system in line with international standards ISO 9001 and IATF 16949. Products comply with the RoHS directive, REACH regulations, meet the requirements of non halogen.

     Company combines industry characteristics and enterprise characteristics, the implementation of SPC management, the use of Six Sigma DMAIC and a variety of quality tools advanced quality assurance system model. Insist on advancing the prevention system of metal foreign objects in manufacturing engineering, and control the process of metal foreign bodies to the greatest extent.

     Jiangsu Xiangying will be excellent performance and reliable quality as the core competitiveness of products. The people will continue to strive to achieve the goal of enterprise development to create high-end domestic lithium material production and development base ".





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