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Jiangsu Xiangying Amperex Technology Limited employee occupation career planning

     As long as you have confidence in your ability, high efficiency, high sense of responsibility and vitality, we can certainly provide a broad space for development

     The company provides the necessary staff training for each employee so that each employee and enterprise can grow together. Looking forward to your joining!


     1. please apply for the subject of the letter "candidates + job name + name"";

     2. please submit your resume (including personal work experience, self evaluation, application position), recent photos, photocopies of documents and so on;

     3. Please indicate the expected salary and the latest available time on your resume;

     4. please select the posting, email, fax or visit the company's website for online registration, data will not be returned, if they are met.

    Contact number:0519-87873308    E-mail:hongyue.ren@sjec.com.cn

Position in recruitment (1)

Position: production operator                    Number: 5
Requirements: proactive, able to work on the night shift, team work spirit, good health and good conduct.
Age: under 45 years of age                       Gender: Male
Working area: Liyang City                        Work experience: 1-3 years


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